Differences That Potential Internet Gambling Operators Should Be Aware Of 

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At first glance, the distinctions between a white label online casino and a sportsbook may appear insignificant to businesspeople looking to capitalize on the current surge in popularity of online gambling around the world by establishing a white label online casino or sportsbook. When it comes to accepting wagers, does it matter whether they are placed on a game of blackjack or a sporting event? After all, isn’t a bet, no matter what it is, just a gamble? Are you looking for best blackjack sites on the internet

In both scenarios, a wager is placed, and the bettor either wins or loses the wager depending on the outcome of the event. On the surface, this is correct. There are several significant distinctions beneath the surface. The house has an advantage in casino games such as roulette and blackjack, which is well known to anyone who has ever wagered on those games. This means that the operator has a positive expected value on every wager placed. When it comes to sports betting, it is impossible to pinpoint a specific advantage held by the house. Instead, there is something known as a vig, also known as “juice,” which will be discussed further in this piece.

Do you need a sportsbook in addition to casino games?

Even if your primary market consists of online casino gamblers, expanding your business to include a sportsbook may increase revenue and help you retain existing customers. The opposite is also true for operators whose primary focus is on sports betting. A large number of gamblers enjoy placing bets on both casino games and sporting events. Because gamblers now have more options than ever before, operators must provide all of the betting options that players expect in a convenient one-stop location. Lion Gaming Group’s bundled white label sportsbook and online casino solutions are available to iGaming operators. This is because Lion Gaming Group sells each of these products separately.

Let’s go over some of the fundamentals of an online casino and sportsbook, as well as what first-time iGaming operators should look for in white-label online casino and sportsbook solutions.

Casino Online

An online casino is governed by a basic set of rules. The rules of each game are different, as is the casino’s advantage. To increase their chances of winning, bettors will try to gain an advantage over the house by employing betting techniques such as the martingale, the labouchere, or the anti-martingale. Because the house edge is typically in the low single digits, the ultimate goal is to win through variance rather than directly beating the house. Some gamblers prefer to try their luck at winning jackpots on games that are more similar to lotteries, such as slot machines.

Casinos use risk management measures to mitigate the negative effects of variance swings, which occur when customers perform better than expected. The risk management process varies greatly depending on the game, the operator, and the technology provider. The Kelly Criterion is a risk management tool that is commonly used in casinos. The Kelly Criterion is a betting method that suggests that the amount wagered should be equal to the player’s perceived advantage. In its most basic form, the Kelly Criterion determines the percentage of the house bankroll that should be staked on an event with better odds than expected, to achieve exponential growth in the bankroll. The progressive jackpots that are included in many slot games are managed by the iGaming software provider. These jackpots are fed by a variety of casinos, and the jackpot money is split among all of the operator clients that the software provider serves.


When it comes to how iGaming operators make money, sportsbooks present a slightly more difficult revenue-generation challenge than casinos. Even though experts in the field of oddsmaking have advanced significantly over the years, it is still impossible to predict the outcome of sporting events with absolute certainty. As a result, sportsbooks have something called a vigorish to provide something comparable to a house edge (also known as “juice”). If a betting line is offered with the Moneyline as Team 1 +150 and Team 2 -190, for example, the sportsbook operator is expected to retain (also known as “hold”) 5.23 percent of all bets placed; in other words, the sportsbook expects to make $5.23 for every $100 wagered volume (also known as the “handle”). This is an example of how this concept is put into practice.

To manage their risk, the vast majority of sportsbooks obtain their betting odds from one of the major odds feed companies, such as Sportradar, and they use managed trading services to limit the extent to which large swings can be seen on any given sporting event. Professional bettors may find the betting lines to be quite appealing at times. This is because sportsbooks try to level out how much money is bet on each side of the line to reduce risk, and they do so by changing the betting lines to make one side of the bet more appealing than the other. The majority of sportsbooks aim for a hold of around 5%, but this number can vary depending on the sportsbook’s geo-target (with a lower hold for sports that are popular in that region and a higher hold for sporting events that do not receive as much betting activity).

What qualities to look for in a software provider

Individuals who want to get into the online gambling industry usually start by looking for a casino technology supplier. When researching white label casino solutions, one may get the impression that there are numerous options available on the market. Before you start looking for a suitable iGaming technology provider, you should have a clear vision of the market segment you want to target. Are you planning to run a more traditional and all-encompassing platform, a bitcoin casino, or a brand that is limited to a specific region? Because game preferences differ depending on location and bettor type (for example, traditional versus crypto), your target market will influence the betting technology you use, as will the level of localization required to attract customers in your geographic target market.

If you want to run a cryptocurrency-focused casino, your options are severely limited because the majority of iGaming providers still do not support cryptocurrency payment rails. Continue reading if you want to run a cryptocurrency-focused casino. You can further refine the list by eliminating any suppliers who do not offer a sportsbook product.

At this point, you can start comparing the prices and features of the contenders who are still in the running. While reviewing a product’s features may appear intimidating, comparing prices is a simple process. This is because there has been relatively little research and development into better-centric products in the industry for the better part of the last decade. Instead, the emphasis has been on backend marketing tools, which has resulted in many betting technology providers having little obvious differentiation between their offerings. To assist you with this stage of the process, we have compiled a free guide on the questions you must ask when speaking with iGaming technology suppliers. At this location, you have access to the guide.