Online Gambling License in the Netherlands

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By reading this article, you will gain an understanding of the Dutch government’s stance on local internet gambling. Furthermore, we will discuss whether games of skill and chance are permitted, as well as those that are not permitted. Naturally, we will walk you through the process of obtaining a gambling license in the Netherlands, as well as the criteria involved. Let’s get started.

What Is the Dutch Remote Gambling Act and Why Was It Passed?

The most recent version of the Betting and Gambling Act prohibited the operation or provision of any games of chance to customers. As a result of this, the Dutch government issued a new legislative proposal titled the Remote Gambling Act in 2018.

Following lengthy deliberations in parliament, an amended version of the legislation was accepted by the Dutch Senate and eventually signed into law early in 2019. The accepted legislation is expected to become law sometime in the spring of 2021. The first of April 2021 marked the official start of internet gambling legalization in the Netherlands.

On the other hand, the Dutch government stated that to operate games of chance within the country’s borders, business owners must obtain a license to operate online gambling operations in the Netherlands. An online casino must go through a rigorous application process to be licensed to operate as a gambling establishment. In the sections that follow, we will go over the legal games in greater detail, as well as the procedures and criteria for applying for a gaming license through the Netherlands Online Gambling Association.

Games Available Due to the Dutch Online Casino License

It is critical to understand that the Dutch Remote Gambling Act has clearly defined the types of games that can and cannot be played legally. This means that parties and operators who complete the procedure for obtaining an online gambling license in the Netherlands will be able to offer a set variety of games that combine elements of skill and chance.

The Netherlands Gambling Authority regulates slot machines, blackjack, roulette, bingo, poker, and several other table games, as well as sports betting. That is, an operator with a current license to operate an online casino in the Netherlands can offer any of those gaming options to players in that country. Our team has compiled a table of the most popular types of gaming to give you an idea of the variety of options available to you when you visit a Dutch online casino.

We have a few things to say about how to win the lottery that you can read about here. The Netherlands Gambling Authority currently prohibits any type of online lottery service. Despite the fact thatEven though this reduces the number of fans of the game, there is another possibility. The government grants permission for the operation of lottery games and events in certain specially licensed and controlled establishments and locations. This ensures that people in the Netherlands who are passionate about playing the lottery will continue to have access to their game of choice using numbers.

Prerequisites for Obtaining a Gambling License in the Netherlands to Conduct Online Business

The Netherlands Gambling Authority, as previously stated, will begin the process of issuing gambling licenses for online gambling in the Netherlands. Following the passage of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act, the government stated that it plans to work toward issuing the first gambling licenses within six months. Interested parties can apply to the Dutch government to obtain a license to operate an online gaming business. However, the government has made it clear to the public that the requirements for obtaining those permits will be among the most stringent in the world.

It is not uncommon for a gambling permit application to be stringent and have high standards, but the Remote Gambling Act in the Netherlands has raised the bar significantly higher than was previously expected. To some, the list of qualifications may appear hazy and imprecise. As a result, we will go over each of them in detail in the following sections of our article.


To begin the process of obtaining a license to operate online gambling in the Netherlands, internet operators and parties must first provide legal documentation confirming that none of their affiliates have any prior experience in administrative law, tax law, or criminal law. To be honest, this stage is simple, requiring only the presentation of a few different documents.

Previously acquired knowledge

The next requirement imposed by the Netherlands Gambling Authority on candidates is that they have prior experience in the field. As a result, the parties must demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the online gambling industry, particularly in the field of games of chance, as part of the process of obtaining a license to operate an online casino in the Netherlands. This is a legal requirement.

Consistency Plans

The competitors must present a continuity plan that demonstrates their strategy and ensures the success of future operations. Furthermore, they must provide a financial guarantee that all of their levies, taxes, and fines will be paid in full from the business’s capital rather than individual player accounts.

Money-Washing Defenses

Applicants for a Dutch online gambling license must sign legal documents pledging compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act and the Sanctions Act. This is done to ensure that all applicable laws are followed by applicants. Any future online casino in the Netherlands will have to combat match-fixing as well as any other type of fraud or money laundering.

Transactions for payment

One of the most important steps in applying for a gambling license in the Netherlands is demonstrating that adequate resources are available to verify the identity of players before allowing them to participate in any gambling activity. Furthermore, the candidates must present a well-organized strategy for dealing with banking transactions that complies with the standards required by the country’s laws and the regulations imposed by the Dutch Gambling Authority.

The CRUKS Database and Control Database

Before the Dutch government will issue an online casino license, a future operator must be able to demonstrate that they have the software and administrative capability to determine whether or not a player is registered in the Central Register for Exclusion from Games of Chance. This is yet another critical requirement for the issuance of any license (CRUKS). If the player’s location is found in the database, it stands to reason that their gambling activities will need to be restricted or supervised.

Consumer Protection

The applicants must then provide the Netherlands Gambling Authority with a facility capable of providing full-service customer support. In addition to adhering to the guidelines established by the Dutch national audit, the customer support team must demonstrate their ability to manage and resolve issues raised by customers. Furthermore, the customer service team must be educated so that they do not mistake those who use the Dutch high-roller betting guide for dishonest players.

Marketing and Promotional Activities

Applicants must submit a copy of their advertising policy as well as proof that their recruitment and advertising operations comply with the requirements outlined in the Netherlands’ Remote Gambling Act. This information will be used by the gaming authority to determine whether or not the candidate is qualified for the role of ensuring that the advertisement and recruitment operations adhere to the established restrictions.


The following item on the agenda will be a discussion of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act’s requirement for outsourcing. If any operations are outsourced, the candidate must provide a comprehensive list of policies, a compliance offer, and any other relevant outsourcing agreements. This also includes any documents about outsourced live dealer facilities that are in charge of real money games of chance or skill.

Addictive Behavior Reduction

The Remote Gambling Act in the Netherlands requires anyone seeking a license to operate an online gambling business in the country to demonstrate that all necessary precautions have been taken to keep players from developing a gambling addiction. Candidates must provide their staff with education on gambling addiction as well as training on how to avoid and deal with gambling addiction situations.

The Integrity Policy

Finally, as part of the application process for a license to operate an online casino in the Netherlands, all prospective operators will be required to provide evidence of their honesty and dependability. To accomplish this, the Netherlands Gambling Authority will subject all applicants to a Bibob test, which will assess both the policy’s rules and the actions that must be performed under specific conditions.

The Physical Locations Situation – Holland Casino

The Dutch Gambling Act has significantly altered the online casino industry, allowing both domestic and international operators to enter the market. The traditional type of gambling that takes place in brick-and-mortar casinos in the Netherlands, on the other hand, has not changed. Holland Casino, which is owned by the Dutch government, is the only casino brand in the country with a license to operate within its borders.

The Location of the Holland Casino at Night

The government supervises and controls the gaming operations at each of the fourteen casinos located throughout the Netherlands. The Holland Casino Amsterdam is one of two facilities located within the capital city, and it has the most gaming space. Any player from the Netherlands will be pleased to learn that Holland Casino has an online platform. You can play slot machines, table games, and even live dealer tables that are broadcast in real-time from one of their physical locations.