Facts About Las Vegas That Few People Know 

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Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind destination with a plethora of interesting attractions, ranging from massive buffets that tower with food to zany and bizarre wedding chapels. With over 15,000 miles of neon tubing illuminating Las Vegas for tourists and the seemingly out-of-this-world Sky Beam from the Luxor attracting visitors from hundreds of miles away, this city does not do anything subtle.  Still looking for a no bonus casino?

Many people are interested in Las Vegas, so you are not alone. This city is home to a plethora of fascinating anecdotes and tales that are well worth researching. Continue reading if you are one of the fortunate people who call this area home to learn a few new stories about the breathtaking location that you get to call your own. Getting frustrated cause you cant find the best free blackjack sites

Shrimp is consumed in large quantities in the city of Las Vegas.

It is estimated that Las Vegas consumes more than 60,000 pounds of shellfish per day. The shrimp constitute the vast majority of this type of shellfish. Shrimp is the best value for money when it comes to seafood because of their small size, sweetness, sustainability, and ease of sourcing. Mountains of it can be found at almost any Las Vegas buffet, and it’s all served in an all-you-can-eat format, allowing for extreme overindulgence.

Every day, the city consumes thirty tons of shrimp, which is enough to fill an 18-wheeler semi-trailer. Such consumption is likely physically impossible, and some people question the accuracy of this data. On the other hand, if you look closely at some of the city’s regular delivery schedules, your level of disbelief may decrease. Consider the fact that Supreme Lobster only ships 20,000 pounds of shrimp to Caesars locations each day. This is just one of five major distributors in Las Vegas, and their product was only delivered to one of the city’s major retailers. Shrimp is without a doubt one of the most popular types of seafood in the United States.

The Luxor has its distinct biome.

The Sky Beam is named after the tremendously bright light that shines atop the Luxor. Because of its brightness, it creates its distinct ecology. The candlepower of this incredibly bright beam of light is approximately 40 billion. The Sky Beam is powered by a network of 39 high-powered lamps totaling 7,000 watts. The hotel used to have all of these on at once, but they gradually reduced the number so that only about half of the bulbs were on at any given time.

Despite this, the lights are extremely hot and bright. When the Sky Beam is activated, temperatures on the platform where the employees are located, which is 25 feet above the lights, approach 300 degrees. The temperature in the room is well above 100 degrees even with the lights turned off. Several mirrors arranged in a series focus the Sky Beam into an upward beam of light.

This light attracts a large number of moths, resulting in the creation of an all-you-can-eat buffet reminiscent of Las Vegas but catering to a different kind of animal. The bats, who are drawn to the area by the moths, are ecstatic to find such a nightly feast. However, because owls are drawn to the unique ecology of the Sky Beam, there is a chance that the bats will end up on an owl’s dinner plate. Although there have been reports of UFOs and other strange phenomena due to the large number of flying creatures seen swarming over the Sky Beam, the reality is that moths are simply drawn to the light in the same way that a moth is drawn to a flame.

The number of fountains at Bellagio is unprecedented.

One of the most widely circulated stories about the Bellagio fountains is, in fact, a myth. It’s a common misconception that the water in these fountains comes from the hotel’s washing machines, sinks, and bathtubs, but this is not the case. The number of fountains in the lake at the resort’s home, Bellagio, is officially recognized as a Guinness World Record. The Bellagio’s breathtaking fountain show, powered by over 1,200 individual fountains, is one of its most recognizable features. These are as follows:

  • Rowers spray water into moving rivers and streams.
  • 798 miniature cannons with a range of 100 feet
  • 198 high-powered cannons with a 240-foot range.
  • There are 16 powerful shooters capable of launching water 460 feet into the air.

Bellagio’s fountain shows use approximately 22 million gallons of water per day. The resort is in charge of maintaining a well on the property, which is where all of that water comes from. MGM Resorts consume approximately 10% of the water supplied by MGM’s ten wells located along the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio adjusts its schedule based on the wind and temperature to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

The incredible show put on by the fountains is consistently one of Las Vegas’s most photographed attractions. Movies like “Ocean’s 11,” “The Hangover Part III,” and “Jason Bourne” showcase it in all of its glory.

Every day, hundreds of weddings take place in Las Vegas.

Every day, an average of three hundred marriages take place in Las Vegas. Approximately 80% of these people are not locals, but rather visitors to the city. Wedding-related tourism has historically accounted for approximately 4% of total visitor volume in the city, resulting in an annualized tax revenue of $69 million.

A marriage license costs around $80, and a hasty wedding can cost as little as $50. A wedding ceremony in a chapel can cost around $100. When compared to the average cost of a traditional wedding, which is around $19,000 (not including the reception), this is a much more affordable option. The ceremony in Las Vegas is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get married, which explains why this option appeals to so many people.

Even though you can easily fill out your application online and many clerk’s offices are open until midnight, it is important to note that to get married in Las Vegas, you must first obtain your license. This is something to consider if you are thinking about getting married in Vegas. There is no waiting period after receiving your license to marry; however, you may still need to plan to pull off your wedding here because many popular chapels and other exciting venues book up quickly and well in advance.

What new and interesting facts about Las Vegas did you learn from this overview of fascinating facts? Do you have any additional information that we should include in this discussion? We are always looking to broaden our knowledge of the local community.